The Stampletons Early Tapes DoLP

The Stampletons Early Tapes DoLP

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„Allow yourself to fantasise, for one surreal moment, that The Beatles were Belarusian and that the ’60s had swung to Minskibeat, not Merseybeat. It may sound like the kind of absurd plot The Comic Strip could have concocted for one of their dark TV satires, but if The Stampletons had their way, this is how history would be re-written. For anyone eager to hear how four guys from Belarus pay homage to the UK beat scene circa 1964, this is too good to miss. Formed in Minsk in 2009, The Stampletons have concocted a strange brew that’s part Freddie & The Dreamers on downers, part Californian surf band still finding their feet (and frets)“ (Shindig! Magazine)

Includes their first album and the shortly afterwards 2nd album, recorded live at the DooDah King bar, Minsk.