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Formed 1980 Warminster
Mel Vocals
Jock Guitar
Nigel Bass
Andy Drums
(L-R) Jock, Nigel & Mel Warminster 1980
The local Warminster scene was buzzing with loads of friends playing in loads of bands.
Nigel & Jock became good friends & with Nigel’s bass & Ruts/Crass & Jock’s Clash & Faces
influence they attracted the attention of Bruce’s (Sub Humans) girlfriend Mel. Andy from
the Sub Humans joined & they set about creating a set to play at gigs that the Sub
Humans were being offered.
The name came from a toilet wall in Germany. Little did Jock know the arty matchstick
man with the traditional anarchy symbol as a head was sprayed in honour of Lemgo based
German punk band by the same name. This only came to notice when a friend who
designed the revamped Dying Man single cover, sent their demo tape along with the art
Warminster youth centre became a vital meeting place on a weekend when everyone
would meet & watch all the local bands write & rehearse.
Local Melksham based record company TW records offered to release a single after a
support slot with another local band Silent Guests. Recorded the single Dying Man &
wasted no time in recording our entire set and releasing it on tape oblivious to the contract
we signed.
TW meanwhile printed 1000 sleeves which were pretty tasteless! A pink letter A with a
starry blue background. Despite our complaints they still released it.
After positive reviews we submitted our own artwork which they agreed to and the single
was re-released.
The Sub Humans decided to put together Wessex 82 EP which featured all the local punk
bands. We all drank together & knew each other well so this seemed a natural thing to do.
There was no offer of a 2nd single from TW despite the contract signed so both parties
were more than happy when Bluurg offered to release Forgotten Hero.
Cleator Moor Cumbria 1983
1982 Andy had left to settle down with a family and the Sub Humans guitarist Bruce stood
in and played drums.
Mel & Bruce who were living together split and a replacement drummer was sought.
1983 Ex Silent Guest bassist Wally took over the drums.
1984 Nigel left and Wally replaced him on Bass with Bruce again playing the drums.
Lester joined to play Bass & Wally reverted to drums.
1985 Everything ground to a halt when Lester quit. By then the songwriting had taken on
a different style and we eventually stopped rehearsing.
Reformed 2007 with additional guitarist John B from James Ray’s Gangwar
Various drummers since reforming, Nat White, Bruce (Sub Humans) and current drummer
Billy (Culture Shock).
Helped out in difficult times by bassist Lance (Mel’s brother).
Mel & Nigel 1982
Mel & Jock Leeds 1984
Eye openers sharing gigs with : Hagar the Womb. Action Pact. Corrupt Abuse. Amebix.
Disorder. Naked. Physco Faction. War Toys. Lost Cheeries. Kronstadt Uprising. Cult
Maniax. Blyth Power. Anti-Pasti. Addicts. The Mob. The Membranes.
Warminster 1980 (L-R) Nigel, Andy, Jock, Mel
Track notes, all written between 1978 & 1984
Isolated : No shame in being gay, trans or different from those who share this planet
Changing Places : Constant changes and relationships whilst being in foster care how
people cope & deal with the upheaval in their lives
Church of Religion: Dark religion. Youthful interest in the Occult
Juvenile Pose : A take on how people thought punk was all about being obnoxious with a
mandate to shock society
Love & Pain: The highs & lows of a relationship
Honesty : Our take on what punk brought to our lives, honesty & integrity
Forgotten Hero: War. Topical when ever you want it
Divis Flats: A take on having thought you’d seen a relative on telly in Belfast, mid riot,
dressed in combats, British army issue
Meltdown : How we’re killing off the joys of nature with ignorance
No Rule: Thinking that Brixton & Bristol would end up looking like Belfast. The Community
against authority
Dying Man: Glue sniffing…….
Not last night: Written at Bruce & Mel’s flat. Tried to keep a theme going but it’s difficult
when you pass the notebook around a group of friends who had just spent the evening in
the pub then asking them to write a line…​