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Shöck was born in September 2015 in Bilbao (Basque Country), a year after Micky moved from his hometown, Milan. Contaminated by the punk roots of the Basque lands the group is born from the ashes of several bands, from No Relax takes a powerful and warm female voice, from Mundo Matadero picks up the rhythmic base on guitar and bass, and from Destierro the drums.


The result of this first album, recorded in Fall of 2017 in The Rockstudios (Bilbao) with Carlos Creator at the controls, are twelve punk songs with a female voice, sometimes melodic and other more aggressive, which reveals influences of classic groups such as Sex Pistols, Generation X, or more current as Criminal Damage or Vicious, in which personal themes are mixed with a more social theme focused on environmental problems, political class, animalism, gender conflicts, labor exploitation ...



Micky is responsible for the voice after a long musical career started in 1995 with his first Italian band Giudabasso. In 2001 she became part of the Bambole di Pezza group until 2003, when she formed No Relax, a band with which she traveled the world for 10 years, editing 3 albums.


Vitxo takes care of the four strings and the choirs in Shöck. His beginnings in punk go back to 1990 when he started as a singer in Resistencia, later he formed Kostra Nostra in 1995 playing the drums. In 1999 he formed Mundo Matadero as a bass player. In the years 2008 and 2009 it will be in charge of the drums in Bugatti and from 2012 to 2015 in Toni Metralla y Los Antibalas, recording its first work. Currently he is the voice at Los Vibradores since 2004 and the bass in Shöck.



Mikel begins to play guitar in 1995 in Putoasko. In 1996, several of the members formed Sistema Criminal. In 1997, formed Malestar, a punk-rock band with saxophone. In 2004, he starts playing in Los Vibradores, at the same time he began to play the guitar in Mundo Matadero.


Ritxi comes from HC / Punk bands from the Bilbao scene like Crickbat, Destierro or Represion, and always punishing the patches. He is also part of Los Vibradores from 2008 to 2012, and he joined again in 2016 after playing a few years in Cápsula.


Shöck has given several concerts throughout the Basque geography and some more in Milan, and now he is preparing his album presentation tour, always pushed by the desire to have fun, communicate and shöcking everywhere…