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"MSSNC" (acronym for the Italian phrase "Mi son sbagliato nel confondermi", in English "I was mistaken while confusing myself") is the first RedSka album.
This album was a great success in Italy; it was published 2 times (2004 by Sana Records / Audioglobe and 2007 by One Step Records).
In 2011, a new edition is published by Mad Butcher Records.

The album is a blend of ska-punk with strong influences of californian ska, mixed with reggae, raggamuffin, swing, blues, hardcore and rocksteady sounds.
The album contains many musical influences that make a powerful sound, including fast-paced rythms and pounding and catchy refrains. There are also some instrumental "goodies" tracks that touch the dub and swing.
Various topics are tackled by the band in the lyrics: there is place for the politics, the anti-prohibitionism, the problems of modern society and the desire to carry around their own music and messages. But also there is place for love themes (the love for the life and for the other people).
Many artists of independent Italian music scene, such as The Hormonauts and Enri (ex VIP200), collaborated at it.
At the end of the album, it is possible enjoy the artistic skills of the band during the live performances, with 2 included live songs. "Medley", containing ska-reggae versions of some popular songs and "Bella Ciao", the most famous Italian partisan song of World War II, a real hymn of freedom against the fascism and the nazism.