Los Pepes – ‘Greatest Hits’ LP + CD


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Los Pepes write fantastic power pop, super catchy, often fast and sub-three minutes - but always catchy. Main writer Ben certainly knows how to write ‘em, and on this 18-track album, all the singles are neatly joined together with a few new choons. 

This lovely 12" comes with a CD and bonus 7" containing new tracks. 'The Trap' leads this compilation and kicks proceedings off in style, with a snarling spitting slice of rapid-fire punk rock ‘n’ rolla with the familiar hook on the chorus. Then its a race to the finish as you get pummelled from start to finish with a power pop punk rock ‘n’ rolling masterclass.  'Perfect World' sounds like it fell off Stiv’s 'Disconnected' album. It’s a crime that Los Pepes aren't headlining large halls up and down their homeland, with the rapid fire of 'I'm No Good' to the beauty of the melody on 'I Don't Believe In Anything' that has the hallmarks of something Andy McCoy would have been proud to write around the time he was penning 'Malibu Beach'.

'All I Can Do' is like a street tough Ramones (go with me folks: just one listen and you'll know). Then there's nothing guilty about 'Guilty Pleasures' and its three minutes of snotty ‘77 punk rock a la The Boys.  Ban Perrier sure knows a good lick to use, like on 'Tonight', or the clank of his 'No SOS'. If you’re waiting for the breather, the token ballad or kop out… don't worry folks: these are tough songs for sensitive guys (going by the lyrics) rather than soft songs for tough guys.  'This Loves War' is a belter, and by the time we reach 'Say Good Bye' things take an unexpected twist, because they have taken their foot off the gas to pen a delightful slowy with great harmonies to wrap up one hell of a greatest hits album. 

Los Pepes are one of the Über Kingdom’s hidden treasures and it's to the record buying public’s shame that these boys aren't massive, because they just deserve to be.  Now help rectify that by picking up a copy of this so we can all revel in its big, fat, glowing majesty - because it’s an absolute treasure.