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Shöck was founded in 2015 in Bilbao (Basque Country), a year after Micky moved from her hometown in Milan, and joined with musicians from bands like Mundo Matadero or Destierro. In 2019, Nando from Batec joined the project from Catalan lands, putting his guitar at the service of Shöck.

After their first album release in 2018 and their national and european presentation tour, in 2020, a few days before the lockdown for COVID19 began, they recorded their second album, also in the Rockstudios, with Carlos Creator in charge. This time there are 10 songs, following the same theme of social protest in the lyrics, as well as the same melodic line in the voice, but with more force and speed in the rhythms and a heavier sound in the guitars.

Shöck has toured most of the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, Germany and England on his first album presentation tour, the Holocaustour 2018, and now they are immersed in the preparation of their second album presentation tour, always pushed by the desire to have fun, communicate and shöck over the world...