NOFX - Maximum RocknRoll LP


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NOFX's lo-fi debut is routine, mid-'80s SoCal punk in the vein of the Descendants and other bratty, mile-a-minute punk bands; while most of the sonic characteristics that later defined the group's sound (including Bad Religion-influenced vocal harmonies) are missing, Maximum RocknRoll proves that NOFX's goofball humor was in effect from day one (see "Six Pack Girls," "Cops and Donuts," and "Shitting Bricks"). Perhaps best of all is the band's cover of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man." The liner notes include a June 1991 Maximum Rock 'n' Roll interview with Fat Mike, in which he gives props to bands like Snuff and Green Day. Amusing and historically interesting, but only for serious fans. [Mystic issued an enhanced edition in 2008.] ~ Andy Hinds

Andy Hinds