Skatalà Fent D’Aquí LP


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Tenth reference of our Vintage Series this time dedicated to the reissue on LP format of the mythical

demo tape by Skatalà.

Originally released in 1987 on cassette format, this handful of songs that move between some very raw

Punk / Oi! tracks and also their Ska Revival side, are already part of the history of Catalan underground

music. Recorded and mixed in just 12 hours in the Marathon studios of Barcelona for a modest price of

20,000 pesetas (120 Euros today) few could imagine the enormous repercussion that would this

recording have, serving as a source of inspiration for many bands emerged mainly in the 90s and also

as a faithful reection of the Barcelona of the 80s.

This reissue has been remastered for vinyl format and is accompanied by a fanzine of 28 pages with the

history and anecdotes of the band and many photos, many of them unpublished to date.



A1 - Intro

A2 - Llunàtics

A3 - Suant La Panxa

A4 - Ets Un Barato

A5 - Bolingas

A6 - Per Lo Legal

B1 - Embolingats

B2 - Fem D’Aquí

B3 - Sin Cerveza No Hay Revolución

B4 - Killer

B5 - Boski