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RedSka were born 2001 in Romagna (Italy).RedSka propose in a strong way a ska-punk style together with reggae, reggaemuffin,swing, blues, hard-core, rocksteady influences. Their music meet with the Italiancustomers’ approval.
Antifascism, antiracism and the great variety of musical influences make sure both the lovers of reggae style, such as rude boys, skinnheads and mods, and people who listen to these sounds for the first time love this kind of music.Public’s involvement is very important for Redska. Sometimes, during the concerts, there are true "invasions" of fans on the stage!
2004, after a long live promotion, the first album "Mi son sbagliato nel confondermi" waspublished (Sana Records/Audioglobe). 2007 there was a new edition of this album forOne Step Records. Many artists, such as The Hormonauts and Enri (ex VIP200),collaborated at it.
Until now Redska have held lots of concerts both in Italy and abroad."Le mie prigioni" (2008) is the new album of Redska. You can listen to rough soundswhich are at the same time very particular and make this album interesting; it is characterized by a perfect mix of ska, punk and reggae. This album is rich in collaborations, such as Banda Bassotti, Matrioska, Los Fastidios, The Good Fellas and Enri.
"Le mie prigioni" contains 12 songs which refer to some aspects of our life: the Italian and international politics, the Church ("Laghi di sangue", "Ora dopo ora"), the hard life conditions of the workers, the difficulty with being consistent with our own principles ("Il castello", "Non cambiare mai"), the struggle for freedom and the full disapproval for the death penalty ("Il Partigiano", "Le mie prigioni") and the battle against prejudices("Rabbia e libertà"). The songs deal with other "lighter" subjects too. The official presentation of the album took place on the 15th March 2008 at Vidia Rock Club in Cesena.