Oi Polloi/Mantilla split 7" - Destroi Phallocentricity/Dopamine

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Proud to release another split single from long standing Scottish anarcho crustmongers, Oi Polloi, this time with Scottish melodic hardcore band Mantilla. 3 alternate mixes of Destroi Phallocentricity, Vos Vilen Di Anarkhisten? and Neyn, plus 2 cracking tunes from Mantilla, Dopamine and Ashes. Available now, also for wholesale!

Some info on Mantilla...

MANTILLA play raging melodic hardcore punk and hail from Glasgow, Scotland.
They formed in late 2015 and released their first demo early 2016, gigging across Europe and also touring in Brazil. Their current line up includes members of hardcore heroes Thisclose, which should give you an idea to their ferocity.
They are a political DIY band, and due to singer Kerieva being an active member of Rromani Resistance support Indigenous Women and land rights globally.
They have teamed up with Oi Polloi on this split 7" , and are presently recording a new album which will be released later this year.