SPACE CAKES, THE - The Sailing Ship 7

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Brought to you from Mestre in Italy, The Space Cakes are a five piece organ led 60s influenced Garage band with a single and album already under their belts. The "Out Of My Mind" on Tortilla Records saw the light of day in 1993 and had proved to be a massive seller through 'Detour Records' mail order catalogue and the "Taste The Flavour Of...." album which came out a year later on the great 'Misty Lane' records has also proved to be immensely popular amongst 60S, Psychedelia and Garage fantastic's that frequent the pages of the catalogue all around the world.
We thought it time to introduce them formally to the UK and subsequently the rest of the world for some unknown reason have never heard of the Space Cakes!
Catch that Swirling Haunting Psychedelic Organ Sound ..