SHA LA LA’S, THE - I’ve got a Feelin’ 7” + CS

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Detour Records are pleased to announce the November release of The Sha La La’s new single I’ve got a feelin’ b/w you’ve got love on your side Available on November sees the drop of another two cracking tracks added to the ever-expanding repertoire the Sha La La’s are well known for. ‘I’ve got a feelin’ is hard hitting gritty urban soul detailing the journey of a man steeped in self-belief beset by mis-steps, mistakes and doubt realising where he needs to be and how to get there.

Interesting symmetry here with the start and ending mirrored with only the tone setting them apart – opening with a shaky, hopeful, shyly scared to mention it in case he jinxes it tone of self-belief by songs end he has worked himself up to the defiant guttural almost snarling tone of certainty we fade out to. Deep, layered and rich in texture everything about this worms its way into your consciousness whether it be the shimmering organ, the guitar riff or the crystal-clear piano interlude that closes the second third. Right through the 4 minutes the self-belief builds to a crescendo and a howl out into the world of a defiant “I got a feelin’” … as immediately arresting as a kick in the nuts. ‘You’ve got love on your side’ takes a whole different path and it’s a side we don’t ordinarily get to hear from Robinson and Co. I wouldn’t call this a doo-wop, there’s more a low-rider vibe here, immediately it’s a wonderful counterpoint to the depth of the top side and this sides gorgeousness is spot on for the current new wave of soul music. Stripped down and just ambling along it’s a message to everyone that with love on your side you can do anything – it’s not hectoring or strident just beautiful words set over a clear and clean production – it’s the aural equivalent of a leisurely walk imparting wisdom to someone seeking a path or a direction. Words that are uplifting, positive and heartfelt and in these times that’s surely something to cherish Two different sides of a coin but both stamped with craft, artistry and lyrical nous that make these guys stand out as keepers of the flame.