Heros & Zeros - Wake Up Call CD

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Heros & Zeros got their asses together in 1999, playing streetpunk. Besides being inspired by older bands like 4Skins, Blaggers ITA and Blitz they were also influenced by more recent bands like Anti-Heros, Wretched Ones and the Templars. Streetpunk/Oi! was as good as dead in Holland and Heros & Zeros wanted to bring back the honest and true spirit of Oi! In 2000 the band decided to add a trumpet player to the line-up and recorded 8 Songs in 2001 which were later released by Mad Butcher Records as the Heros & Zeros 7". The addition of a trumpet player meant a new direction for the band and shortly after they decided to take on a second guitarist. At the end of 2001, now as a six-piece they went on a small tour in Germany with Klasse Kriminale and Los Fastidios. After this the band was busy writing new material for a forthcoming album. In March of 2003 they recorded these new songs. During the recording Olaf from Stage Bottles played saxophone on a few songs. 15 songs will appear on the debut-album of Heros & Zeros titled Wake Up Call, soon to be released on Mad Butcher. After the recording they played a few shows with Brigada Flores Magon in Germany and on the AntifaFest in Prague. No compromises are made in their lyrics which are about politics, daily life, bicycles and football. A strong antifascist and anti-capitalist stance is taken by the band, whose members have an international background. All of this together should bring you a powerful taste of what punk from the streets of Amsterdam sounds like!