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Often imitated, never duplicated! Here comes the definitive original: Kapelle Vorwärts! ( ex Commandantes), the ultimate preserver of traditional working class songs.

„Solidaarisuus“, 2nd album of german antifascist punkrock band Kapelle Vorwärts contains 10 working class anthems and takes you on a journey through the wide world of international political music.

After their Debut „Brot und Rosen“ the four Kapelle members wanted to celebrate a party . But its stupid to celebrate a party for your own. So they invited some of the favourite musicians. Kapelle Vorwärts played many concerts in the last years, mostly solidarity gigs and festivals. They are part of the international politic music scene. The fine things is, that in this world are no musical borders. They played with anarchist singer/songwriters, socialist punkbands or radical Hip Hop artists.

The result is an album that is so different as the many guests.

The music is based on a handy punk rock sound with some ska rhythms, you listen to a famous violin and surprising hip hop grooves, very catchy choirs and melodic guitar tunes. Are you ready for varied songs and a big diversity of different styles? For an album you can dance and sing to?

You have to be careful! Its not easy to get the earwigs out of your head!

And please welcome our lovely guests:

Sigi Maron from Austria, Klaus der Geiger from Cologne, Tatu from Tampere, Attila from Brighton, Filippo from Como, Faulenza from Germany, Säärelä from Tampere and some more t.b.c

Solidaarisuus is the tenderness della comunita internationale.

United we stand, devided we fall!