BABOONZ - To much is not enough CD

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THE BABOONZ from Bavaria are right „Back Out-O-Space" and they have got their brandnew album „Too Much Is Not Enough" in their package. A hot mixture of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Swing, Mod and Punkrock, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes loud and sometimes low. With big help of the genious „Triumvirat", The Kaiser, The Dr. Ring-Ding and The Spötter, these 13 tracks rock and roll, swing and groove. There is also an awesome list of guest-musicians: backing vocals, guitars and some lyrics by SCRAPY’S Kaiser, vocals and backing vocals, harp and trombone by Richie Senior and spoken words by Roddy „Radiation" Byers, ex-The Specials guitar player. Compared to their debut album „Take Warning" the kids seem to have become adults. Everything is less hectic and well arranged but still powerful and catchy. The Baboonz still have their own style of playing music, hardly comparable to any other band. Surely there are undeniable influences like maybe The Clash, Operation Ivy, The Specials and some more, but The Baboonz are not anyone’s imitation. Their lyrics still deal with all kind of joy and pain of our daily lives, with love and hate, with capitalist assholes, unscrupulous cops, all kind of stubborn religious fanatics and Johnny Cash. The Baboonz have never been, are not and will never be a „Fun-Punk-Band". Live is way to serious to act in an unpoltical manner. So they will always stand up to fight against fascism, racism, militarism and intollerance. But they will also never forget to enjoy the good sides of life. So have fun listening to THE BABOONZ „Too Much Is Not Enough" and keeping on rocking, fighting and moving!!!