Marcus Pepper Love Revue - Same LP

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The Band formed and played together during a Curtis Mayfield Tribute (1 year of his death) in spring 2001. All of us had other bands (ie The Orobians, the Cosmics, The Crashmen) but we had so much fun that we decided to continue (with calm!). In december 2002 we recorded the promo you heard, we accepted the proposal to make a record. In springtime 2003 we wrote some original songs and made rehearsals to go in studio (august 2003). Then we added other instruments and we finished to mix only in march 2004. We are now making rehearsals to prepare a good live show. Armando lead vocals Arnaldo “Conte” guitars, vocals Concobeach drums Ginetto bass, vocals Marco “Bulgaro” keyboards, vocals Samantha lead vocals