The Zwooks - Lesson Learned CD

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The Zvooks are a traditional ska/rocksteady/reggae group based out of Illinois. The groups history began in 1995 before they were known as the Zvooks, when four of the current members began playin traditional ska and reggae to crowds throughout the midwest. Over the next three years they were fortunate enough to play with such acts as Bim Skala Bim, Lets Go Bowling, Mu330, the Articles, the Adjusters and many more In 1998 the group emerged as Corey Dixon and The Zvooks, drawing on many influences that gave their tunes a definite uniqueness, including soul, jazz, calypso, and latin. In 2000, the Zvooks performed with the Slackers where they met Vic Ruggeiro, the singer/songwriter/keyboardist for the group. Ruggeiro offered himself as a producer, and invited the group to New York where they recorded what would be their first full length album, "Calm Down". This album would be picked up quickly by German label, Mad Butcher Records, which gave the group a whole new audience overseas. Being from Midwest America, The Zvooks take equal influence from both the East and West Coast, giving them a unique sound that transcends boundries, as well as styles. Rocksteady beats, fat bass, groove orientated horns and a Chicago edge make The Zvooks a group not to be missed.