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Finally the debut album of the three Hamburg punks sees the light of day, only to put it out again straight away.
LIGHT OFF! ...but in the dark it's not good to muck about, because nothing is good and nothing will be.
ATOM ATOM are disillusioned and spread a cold atmosphere full of tension and horror. This is darkly played HC punk, but it doesn't stagnate in monotony, but comes across as brisk and energetic despite the perceived depth.
In their German-language lyrics, the band reflects the insanity of a delusional reality.
While the rough and uncouth voice of guitarist and singer Ros is heading in the direction of HC punk, bassist and singer Kante gives the whole thing a certain individual touch with her reverberating voice and the sudden emergence of melancholic melodic arcs. An eerily beautiful undertone runs through the entire playing time of this long-playing record.
Sawing guitar, booming bass!
Carried by the powerful and continuously throbbing drums of Mike, all this results in an incredibly driving sound, which contains a latent coldness and spreads nothing but hopelessness, but totally bangs.
ATOM ATOM are out of the ordinary, the three of them have created their very own sound.

As a bonus, there is a cover song at the end, which couldn't fit better to this band and which has been realised in a great way.
The disc comes with an inlay and download code.