Discharge ‎– First Ever London Show 'Music Machine' 28/10/80 LP

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A1 Realities Of War  
A2 Fight Back  
A3 Religion Instigates  
A4 Tomorrow Belongs To Us  
A5 Society's Victim  
A6 War's No Fairytale  
A7 But After The Gig  
A8 Ain't No Feeble Bastard  
A9 Always Restrictions  
B1 They Declare It  
B2 It's No TV Sketch  
B3 You Take Part In Creating This System  
B4 Decontrol  
B5 Realities Of War (Encore)  
B6 Fight Back (Encore)  
B7 Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Encore)  
B8 They Declare It (Encore)

Recording of the first gig Discharge ever played in London at The Music Machine in Camden, October 28, 1980.
Full Gloss B&W Cover
Limited edition - Purple Vinyl with Poster.