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Moscow Death Brigade - Hoods Up 12

Art.Nr.: FFM037LP


EUR 14,00
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Repress of the first ever vinyl release of no one less than the latest emergence of the russian scene MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE. Eight masterpieces of strictly antifascist circle pit rap directly from the streets of Moscow. Includes the 5-track "Hoods Up" EP and three bonus songs, two never released anywhere before. A blasting and unique mixture of rap vocals, hard beats, hardcore riffs and DIY punk attitude. A real killer!

Edition comes now in black cover.


Hoods Up EP (Side A)

1 Ghettoblaster 02.42

2 It's Us 03.13

3 Cut Off Your Tongue 03.05

4 Viking's Life 02.46

5 Prove Them Wrong 03.13


Bonus Tracks (Side B)

6 Your Anthem 03.02

7 The Truth 02.54

8 Heroes 03.46