Various – Teen-Age Riot! - 50,000,000 Delinquents Can't Be Wrong!!! LP

Art.Nr.: AP 1957


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Collection of late 1950's-very early 1960's 45's themed around social issue of juvenile delinquency.Liner notes include alleged quotation about delinquency by former U.S. first-lady Eleanor Roosevelt!
A1    Phil Johns And The Lovely Ones*–    Ballad Of A Juvenile Delinquent
A2    Chuck Harrod And The Anteaters*–    They Wanna Fight
A3    Portuguese Joe–    Teenage Riot
A4    Gene Maltais–    Gangwar
A5    Chuck Daniels (4) And The Classics (13)–    Glass Pak
A6    Robert Williams And The Groovers–    Loud Mufflers
A7    Reggie Perkins–    High School Caesar
A8    Savoys*–    Domino
B1    Betty Dickson–    Shanty Tramp
B2    Ronnie Allen (6)–    Juvenile Delinquent
B3    Barry Weaver*–    Street Fight
B4    Billy Ledbetter–    Stealing Hubcaps
B5    Steve Carl And The Jags (2)–    Curfew
B6    Kip Tyler And The Flips*–    Rumble Rock
B7    T.V. Slim*–    Juvenile Delinquent
B8    Little Johnny And The Rumblers–    Riot In Cell Block #9