The Skalars – Change Up LP

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THE SKALARS (formerly Issac Green & The Skalars) released their sophomore album on Moon Ska NYC in 1999, at a time when much of the American ska scene was “crashing” due to mainstream media “fatigue” looking for the next big thing in underground music. True fans never went away, but the trendy bandwagon jumpers were gone suddenly making new ska albums kryptonite to retail, and brilliant albums like “CHANGE UP” never got their fair shake – which is why we are righting this wrong with a vinyl release 23 years later! To put it bluntly, this sophomore album was light-years ahead of their 1996 debut “Skoolin’ With the Skalars”. Jessica Butler’s gorgeous voice is in fine form, belting through tracks like “After The Show,” “J.A.M.,” and a torchy cover of the classic “Hold Me Tight” with soul and grace. Trombonist Evan Shaw took an expanded vocal role too, and their  voices play very well off each other on “Follow Through,” “Zero Commitment,” and the rave-up crowd pleaser “Box Of Death,” while Shaw takes the lead on the tasty “Mixed Blessing.” Of course, the horn work (from Shaw, Butler on sax, and guest Tyler Jones of Spring Heeled Jack on trumpet) is tight and sweet, and the band is right on time – check out “Strikeout Summer,” which gives guitarist Ethan D’Ericole a chance to shine, and the Latin-tinged “This Is It,” which gives the whole band a nice work out. All in all, “Change Up” was an amazing leap forward for this talented band hailing from St Louis, let’s hope for some more reunion shows to celebrate this re-release! Limited to 500 copies on green and red vinyl.