The Skunks – Chaos In Skaville LP

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The Skunks were a third wave ska band formed in 1988 by a group of high school friends from suburban Maryland. They recorded three albums, performed extensively in the Washington, DC/Baltimore, Maryland area, and toured across the United States. “Chaos in Skaville” was the band’s first album,  issues as a limited self-released cassette in 1991. The success of this release saw the band’s schedule become much more active, and during the summer of 1992 the band toured with The Toasters including legendary gigs at he Masquerade in Atlanta, Wilmington NC, Madison & Milwaukee WI and at Cabaret Metro in Chicago. The tour culminated, on February 27, 1993, with Moon Ska’s Skalapalooza at The Ritz in New York City, where The Skunks appeared with The Toasters, Bad Manners, The Skatalites, The Scofflaws, and Ruder Than You. After the tour, the Skunks signed with Moon Ska and shortly thereafter, “Chaos in Skaville” appeared in Moon’s catalog, where it was listed as MR034. In later years the band released two albums r with MOON SKA NYC, “MIXED NUTS” and “NO APOLOGIES”, (featuring new lead singer Steve Order) s and toured extensively across the USA. As they got older and the band wound down, several members moved on to other bands:  Erick Morgan, Dave Reinstein, Ely Rodriguez and Matt Simms joined Eastern Standard Time, which was founded by Skunks founder James McDonald in 1995. Morgan also joined Lickity Split and The Pietasters, before forming The Spice Boyz with Chris Suspect. Similarly, before joining The Toasters, Tim Karns played with the Checkered Cabs.[ Sadly, Morgan died of cardiac complications brought on by pneumonia on April 18, 2020  –  this vinyl reissue is a loving tribute to him. Limited edition of 200 copies on purple / blue colored vinyl in full sized poster sleeve.