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IMMUNE TO THE MEDIA is arguably Toxik Ephex's second album, hot on the tail of their first 'The Adventures of Nobby Porthole' .. a mere 32 years previous! ... If any album can be described as 'once in a generation, then surely Toxik Ephex can boast their first album has been once in two!! ... And for, arguably a third generation, Toxik Ephex present a collection of songs which address topical socio-political issues as well as issues ever present, and unfortunately, ongoing. 'IMMUNE' presents a very new incarnation of Toxik Ephex. However, a familiar mix of heartfelt anger and defiance, whilst embracing a degree of melody and a sense of fun remains as the core of Toxik's identity. 'IMMUNE TO THE MEDIA' remains true to said core, whilst pushing the boundaries of all it's elements. In the past, the band have been unafraid, unashamed to use instruments beyond drums, bass and guitar, having previously incorporated violin, mandolin, saxophone, harmonica and melodeon. 'IMMUNE' features the return of guests on harmonica and melodeon, some bouzouki, melodica, and jaw harp: but throughout, newest member Elias' electric mandolin adds an edge of energy an excitement. Although immensely saddened by the passing of former singer Dod Copland, we move forward with a 'new' lead vocalist, Snaba, with a different 'edge' .. but same direction. Toxik stalwart Fred Wilkinson also steps up in terms of lead voc contribution on 'IMMUNE' ... as with previous albums, doing that 'wee bit different' Alongside Fred, Chiz and Frank remain from that 'first album 32 years past, whilst bassist, Ross, by no means a 'newbie', announces his presence where it hurts ... primarily on bass, but adding grit and gullet to a fresh and raw vocal mix, fortified by contributions from Toxik ex-members. A mix of songs written over 40 years, but half written during Covid lockdown, lyrically, 'IMMUNE' is more daring, and challenging, whilst less sensitive to 'group-speak' than anything the band has hitherto offered .... generally highlighting the band's frustration that 44 years have passed since their formation, yet some of their earliest songs of angry protest remain relevant. If there is a message, then surely it has to be .... "If all you can do is shout ... SHOUT LOUDER!!!!"