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What I Did When Ronald Reagan Was President
By John Reen Davis
Age 62 1/2
Torry invited me to perform with his new band, Anarchitex. Torry did vocals, keyboards, and occasionally, guitar. Eddie the G (Geier) improvised on guitar and I did vocals. Percussion came out of a drum machine, Torry's Casio VL-1. Our first show was on the loading dock of the Jack Pierce Building on April 8, 1983, opening for the Crucifucks on the first leg of the Rock Against Reagan tour and another with the Crucifucks at The Island. Maybe there was another show at The Island before it closed.
On Sept 21, 1983 we appeared at The Warehouse with a new lineup featuring local icon JR Delgado on bass and Ken Black on Guitar. When Ken left, Don Walsh replaced him on guitar. We still used a drum machine until Hal (“Rev Hap Hazard”) joined us on drums sometime in 1984.
I left the band for a few weeks in 1984 after a dispute with Torry. The band performed some “guerilla gigs” in commercial parking lots without asking the owners. Rick Tillinghast was doing vocals then.
I rejoined the band in time to play outside the 1984 Republican Convention in Dallas. We wrote a song about Lee Harvey Oswald especially for the event. I'm sure I have an FBI file for that. Anarchitex also played at the Yippie encampment and did a guerilla gig in the parking lot of a nightclub called Circle A Ranch.
JR left the band late in ‘84 and was replace by Torry's bandmate from Naked Amerika, Scott Ayers. A saxophone player named Dave Sawyer was brought in to replace Don. While these changes were taking place, Torry made an experimental film called Employee with me and Scott and Dave.
At the end of 1985 Bob Weber (Really Red and Culturcide) started playing drums for us. The five of us did shows together until late 1986. The last thing we did that year was to record a split cassette with the Pain Teens (Scott's other band) called “You Can’t Fight City Hall/Psychoactive”. Subsequently, Dave Sawyer moved back to New York and Bob was consumed by his engineering job.
We reformed in 2007 with Torry, Me, Scott and Bob for a reunion show. We had a lot of fun and got a positive audience reaction so we okayed together for another five years. In 2010 we recorded our best songs at SugarHill Studios and put out the album called Digital Dark Age. We did release shows around Texas in 2011. Our last show this time around was November 2012.
We reunited August 2019 for a benefit show at Rudyard's Pub, which was released in digital format as “In a Public Place”.