Commandantes - Lieder für die Arbeiterklasse CD

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Raise up the proletarians and partisans! Raise for figthing! We have to conquer a whole world! We have to fight with all our power against capitalism. Much too long the criminal activities of the so called democratic leaders are bringing suffering and misery to the people of this earth. Their imperalistic wars on the balkans, in afghanistan and iraque are the biggest hurt of human rights since hitler´s time. It´s highest time to stop their new world order calles neoliberalism! The colonize plunder and oppression must have an end! We welcome all who are fighting, who not recede for the difficulties, all those who believe in the abilities of human mankind. Because who deserts his equals, deserts only himself! What is to do? The ideas of marxism/leninism are the only alternative to the criminal systems of globalism dictatorship of international monopolys. For this our great solidarity goes to our comrades in those nations like Cuba, who in spite of the long boykott resisted the imperialistic threat. The last class combat of the world history is in motion. We welcome all who share the conviction that a better world is possible! With our songs for the working class we will acompany the combat till its end. Proletarians of all countries deceide by yourselves: Socialism or ruin in barbaric! We fight together and we will win!