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01. 1492 La conquesta del Paradís. (The conquest of the paradise)
02. 1521 Germanies
03. 1719 Els gossos de sempre. (The same bastards)
04. 1835 Dies de foc. (Days of fire)
05. 1936 La primavera del terror ( Spring of terror)
06. 1938 Quan miràvem al cel (When we looked at the sky)
07. 1958 Xarop Vietnamita (Vietnamite Syrup)
08. 1969 L\'Escurçó negre (The Black adder)
09. 1976 Els carrers de Soweto ( Soweto streets)
10. 1979 Cinturó Roig (Red belt)
11. 1982 Beirut
12. 1992 Barcelona
13. Desobediència (Disobedience)
14. No ens canviaran ( They won\'t Change us)


Another point of view of our history, looking back and further on, a new work, a new record, UNA ALTRA HISTÒRIA.

That’s the way Redbanner hand in the fourth record after: \'Redbanner\' (2001), \'Catalunya Punk\'s\' (2005) and \'No ens aturaran\' (2007). The last record was very successful and it reached a European launch thanks to the German label “Mad Butcher”. Redbanner also consolidated the Combat Rock’ register in the Catalan scene.

The new record has been produced at Sonitrons Studio in Collserola, Barcelona new factory of the band, mastering at Doctor’n’Ric Studio in Torelló, Catalonia, and supervised for the third time by Xavi Cholbi (Eina, Inadaptats, Answer...).

The CD (Digipack with a smart design) moves through 14 dates of the history. It starts in 1492 with The Conquest of the paradise and it continues in 1521, 1719 and 1835 among Germanies’ riots, the birth of los Mozos de la Escuadra (Catalan Police)and the Days of Fire of the 19th century. The Civil War (1936 and 1938) and Vietnam’s War (1958) come next. After that there’s a theme based on the black Adder series in 1969.

Some surprises appear in the final stage as 1976, remembering the Apartheid with a wind section and a tribute to Baix Llobregat’s region (1976), which appears in the new video. There’s also an acoustic, instrumental piece (1982), a cry of protest in Barcelona 92’, a present final in Disobedience (2008) and a version of Cum’on feel the noise of the mythical band Slade. The lyrics are traduced in every page.

Àlex (Eina) Marc (C. Kalashnikov) and David Balbina (Argies) have collaborated in this new Redbanner’s project, probably the best produced in 12 years of the band.

The same members of the band still keep alive their musical attitude with humility not pretending to instruct anybody but to transmit the history as they believe in it.