Braindead – After The Fire LP

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After various releases their BRAINDEAD’s back with their now third longplayer. “After The Fire” was written between 2016 and 2020 and recorded in the summer of 2020 directly after the first lockdown. The twelve songs on “After The Fire” reflect the political mood of the past years: they deal with upheaval and defeat, political upheaval and failed attempts at revolution, but also include more introspective songs like “Still Going Strong” or “Going Home”. Musically BRAINDEAD stay true to their very own style, which has always moved between driving hardcore punk, snotty skacore and bass-heavy dub punk.

  1. Drop Like A Bomb 02:41  
  2. Still Going Strong 02:58    
  3. Counter Culture [feat. Kem Trail] 02:15    
  4. Straight Line 03:37    
  5. Get Outta Our Way! 03:41    
  6. We Won’t Stop [Antifa Dub] 04:39
  7. More Hopeless Than Romantic 02:47  
  8. Going Home 03:02    
  9. Shame, Horror, Despair 03:08    
  10. 500 Years 03:38    
  11. After The Fire 03:52    
  12. Pass Through My Heart Again 03:27