SOCIAL EXPERIMENT "Thank you, Fuck you!" LP

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SOCIAL EXPERIMENT "Thank you, Fuck you!" LP 
Großartige Band aus Wales/UK mit ihrem 2ten Album. Rotzig melodischer Punk, mit ordentlich Schmackes. 
Hört selbst:
Wow,das ist was ganz besonderes: Neue Band aus Veteranen der Waliser Punk/HC Scene die schon in so genialen Bands wie "IN THE SHIT" gespielt haben.HC-Punk mit einer Gitarre die nur so voll genialer Ideen spüht. Natürlich in der Tradition alter UK Anarcho Bands. Eine Scheibe die ich echt empfehlen kann.

Thank You, Fuck You

Thank you, fuck you, for the work that you do,
That you, fuck you, your time here is through,
Thank you, fuck you, for saving my life,
Thank you, fuck you, I'm not very nice,

We came out on Thursdays, we clapped and we cheered,
We made you believe that we really cared,
You sacrificed everything that you had,
But we will still blame you and make you look bad,

Bin bags for aprons, faulty face masks,
We'll just ignore the requests that you ask,
Lockdown rules, flouted by us,
Giving out orders, no one can trust,
UK death count, continues to rise,
Deflecting the blame away with our lies,
Bury the dead, take it on the chin,
We'll just replace you when the lights go dim,

Thank You,
Working 12 hours a day,
Fuck you,
Don't expect extra pay,
Thank you,
I know you're dead on your feet,
Fuck you,
Trying to make ends meet,

You can pay to come to work,

We'll take away your every perk,

Job security taken away,

Sold off to the USA,

Have you worked out who's to blame,
We don't care, we have no shame,

Thank you,
Fuck you,
Thank you,
Fuck you,
Thank you,
Fuck you.