The Varukers One Struggle One Fight LP

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Reissue for the Varukers' 1985 absolute breakneck metal-punk crossover masterpiece, originally released on the band's own Liberate label. An uncompromising and fiery hardcore statement with powerful political lyrics, and over-the-top riffing that redefined the whole UK82 sound. Double-sided lyric insert.
(Radiation/ 2022)

A1 Persistant Resistance
A2 We Hint At Things Nuclear
A3 In South Africa
A4 The Fear Of Mankind
A5 Will They Never Learn (Live)
A6 Killed By Mans Own Hand
A7 Animals An Animal
B1 Protect Not Disect
B2 How Can Your Conscience Allow This To Go On
B3 Stop The Killing
B4 Enter Of A New Phase (Live)
B5 A Lesson We Must Never Forget
B6 One Struggle One Fight