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There’s a new Ska band in town: the NERD ACADEMY!
The NERD ACADEMY was founded in Münster in 2008 by remaining members of local Ska heroes The 27 Red, and immediately recorded their first, self titled album. While constantly playing concerts and supporting brilliant bands like Rude & Visser, Babylove & The Van Dangos, NYSJE and Stingers ATX, they took their time to record their own masterpiece which will be released via Mad Butcher Records in late summer. Nowadays, there’s much more to them than just Ska. They mix in lots of Reggae, some Rock and even Pop, held together by drummer Hendrik’s funky beats Hendrik.
Over the last three years, the NERDs have built up a loyal fan base. Everywhere they play, people immediately start to party and dance. Sometimes, the Nerds themselves are surprised by their audiences’ ecstatic reactions. Is it their singalong hymns? Their powerful horns? Their cute school uniforms? Singer Schürmi’s smile? Maybe it’s just what they are: 9 friends, with completely different personalities but one thing in common: They love music, and they love playing it.
So watch out for the NERD ACADEMY’s upcoming record. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Punk, Skinhead, Metalhead or just the average kid from next door: You’re going to dance.