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Welcome to The Pokes ! - here we go – album No.5 – Another Toast !  LP/CD
The sound, the voice and their way with lyrics are distinctive. A hunky-dory Pokes-blend of  political statement and entertainment embedded in their specific folkpunk-sounds. The 13 song LP version will include the CD album as card wallet version. The official 15 song CD album comes as digipak with 2 bonussongs from their recent single Sail ! And for the friends of orthography there is also the extra special findings to be made within the 16-page first edition booklet.
For those that grew up in a toastless enviroment the Oxford Dictionary can be of help: 1. „an act of raising glasses and drinking together in honour of a person or thing“ and 2.„sliced bread browned on both sides by exposure to radiant heat“. They focus on the former without dismissing the latter...
In combination with the cover-artwork of the coffin-photos The Pokes look at death and cheer at life – and want you to join them in doing so. Enjoy the music, muse about the lyrics, fill your glass and look for company or think of a reason worth drinking it. And feel inspired for giving a toast...
The Pokes rock .
The Pokes are danceable .
The Pokes are Berlin's No.1 folkpunk-band.

God save The Pokes !